George Keaton Jr., Ph.D.

Founder-Executive Director

Deborah Isaac-Hope, Ph.D.

Vice President

Treasurer--Michael D. Ford 



Reginald Small​-Secretary

Board Members

Beverly Davis

​Sheniqua Cummings

Reginald Small

​Deborah Isaac-Hope

Advisory Board Members

​Lenora Casmore

​Brenda Tillman


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​​RBDallas, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that preserves and promotes, the African American life, history, artifacts, and culture of Dallas and its surrounding cities.

RBDallasInc. meets monthly on the 4th Saturday of the month unless it falls on a holiday weekend. If so, our meeting will be held on the 3rd Saturday of the month. We meet at the African-American Museum at 11:30 A.M. at 3536 Grand Ave., Dallas, Texas 75210 open to the public.

Remembering Black Dallas, Inc.

Genealogist. Historical Preservation. educational Presentations